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Kitchens With White Veneers - The Best Ways to Create A Luxury Home

Grey sparkle quartz countertops, a long island with seating, and a window dining nook provides great views of the suburban green scenery outside the windows. These modern style kitchens that use white painted walls and wood floors add a warm touch to spaces. Window dining or nooks are ideal for entertaining guests with family friends. The wide open space above the kitchen island makes it feel bright and spacious, making it a perfect place to hang out and socialize.

Easy to make quartz and sparkle quartz countertops in grey

The large island with seating provides comfortable storage space under the seat as well as the added benefit of providing breakfast or dinner counter for all family members to engage in casual conversation while preparing food on main kitchen counters. In addition, the raised countertop surface of this island makes it so that one side can easily reach up for additional seating.

This beautiful modern kitchen combines classic elegance with aesthetics.

the dining nooks are ideal for entertaining guests and their families, providing space for discussion sharing.

Gallery of kitchens with sparkling quartz countertops in grey and white

Granite and quartz countertops with sparkle of marble and granite from international

High quality quartz and quartz countertops sparkle with sparkle

The kitchen island in the center of the design has a modern, high - gloss maple wood top surface coupled with matching gray ceramic tiles for backsplash. This island serves as a breakfast bar, snack or seating area for family gatherings. The raised-panel white cabinetry gives it a streamlined look and matches the all-white walls and ceiling units in this small kitchen.

A U-shaped corner kitchen set-up for a small island with adequate counter space offers flexibility and space. Using all-white units paired with light gray overhead cabinets makes this open-plan kitchen seem bigger, more spacious, and open. Upscale stainless steel appliances also add to its impressive presence by being mounted on the center island.

A beautiful galley kitchen with white cabinets and a unique island top has a great outlook lighting system which uses pendant lights to illuminate the inside. The large windows opening directly into the kitchen make it look bright and well-balanced. The kitchen island is surrounded by classic style cabinets with a gray soapstone countertop, while the whole is made with unique stone and creating an interesting combination.

Kitchen with natural stone and sparkles of quartz and quartz countertops

Kitchen with white cabinets and white quartz countertops with sparkle of quartz

Quartz countertops sparkle in natural white and grey

A gorgeous modern galley kitchen with glossy white cabinet doors and drawer shelves blends well with the surrounding home layout colors. White marble countertops with their white carcasses complement the glossy kitchen cabinets and arctic granite counters well. The white kitchen cabinets perfectly match the glossy fixtures and provide a clean transition between overhead island and the cooktop.

This modern galley kitchen is designed with the minimalist French cabinet house design and its modular island. The modular kitchen island has a white base with solid gray upper cabinets and under - counter cabinets. The floor has a glossy white finish and is embellished with light - reflective glass tiles to create a light surface above the kitchen island. The white kitchen cabinets also blend nicely with the light colors on the walls. This kitchen island is surrounded by classic style cabinets on either side, creating an interesting point of interest.

With generous kitchen space, this modern galley provides a spacious working space for appliances. The modular kitchen island is laminated in mahogany paneling with a light beige granite countertop and matching all - wood stool. The kitchen range is modular with traditional style doors and comes with 3 different cooking ranges.

If you are looking at beautiful white veined granite floors and speckled granite, you might want to consider a glossy finish. This will not only beautify the room but add a little sass right where you find it.

The high gloss finish will make the stone appear smooth and glossy. If you have sensitive feet, the glossy finish might not be ideal for you to use. However, if you are confident that this is the look you want, then go with a glossy finish.

If you are installing high gloss doors for your cabinets, you can use varnish. There are many veneers that are offered. You can choose one that matches your cabinets.

Sparkling quartz countertops in white and grey for the home

The kitchen sparkles with white and grey countertops and quartz

You might think that granite looks smooth and polished, but it doesn't always look nice. Sometimes, you might see veining or even small scratches on the stone.

Grey sparkle quartz countertops and white marble/marble flooring Marble accentuate the cool tones of this modern galley kitchen. The gray walls match the marble counters and backsplash, while the marbled finish of the limestone countertop backsplash gives it that classic European style look.

With its soft pale yellow tone paired with pure white cabinets, this kitchen is able to create a warm yet inviting atmosphere. Gold-plated under cabinet lighting highlights the beautiful stainless steel appliances and pulls up drawers and open shelving for more storage space. Gray granite countertops provide a contrast against the all-white cabinetry and can be used as accents for accessories like baskets, vases, pot pans. Placed in a unique modern galley kitchen design, this white helps balance out the decor by creating a very clean and seamless look. The kitchen cabinets are all flush - type with white marble counters and backsplashes for a clean, seamless look. All surfaces are kept plain white, which also gives this room a brighter glow due to the skylights illuminating most areas of ceiling, such as vertical stools with gold seats.

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